ADM 626 Public Budgeting and Financial Management Discussions Questions

ADM 626 Public Budgeting and Financial Management Discussions Questions



ADM 626 Module 1 DQ 1


Explain how budget formats channel thought. Explain how formats can direct thought to and highlight general policy matters, budget balancing issues, and improvement of the quality of government management.


ADM 626 Module 2 DQ 1


Explain the impact of revenue sources and expenditures on budget building.


ADM 626 Module 3 DQ 1


What are the various types and forms of debt? Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the various debt instruments.


ADM 626 Module 4 DQ 1


According to the Article Solutions for America: The Entitlement Crisis, what does the Heritage Foundation’s Issue Brief recommend as the chief reason for why entitlement spending must be reined in? Do you agree or disagree, and why?


ADM 626 Module 5 DQ 1


As a Public Administrator – for instance a manager of a specific department – what sorts of information do you think you would need from Financial Reporting?


ADM 626 Module 6 DQ 1


Based upon your review of the Performance Audit of Colorado Low-Income Telephone Assistance Program, prepare a summary of key findings in the audit and discuss how this information may be used to manage the program moving forward.


ADM 626 Module 7 DQ 1


The concept of risk management is a common discussion thread running throughout government departments. In thinking of the Hadleyville project, how would it be possible to introduce business practice improvements with the goal of reducing the fiscal investment in risk management?


ADM 626 Module 8 DQ 1


Based on the article on whistle-blowing, examine the role that whistle-blowing can play for high-level management. What sorts of protections can be put in place to ensure that lower-level employees have the right to raise concerns despite protests of mid-level superiors like in the Arlington Cemetery case?


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