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HCA 210 Week 4 Assignment Case Study

HCA 210 Week 4 Assignment Case Study
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Assignment: Case Study

• Resource: Appendix B

• Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum

• Read the case study located in Appendix B.

• Write a 700- to 1,050-paper responding to the following: You have recently been

employed by a small local hospital as an administrative assistant in the emergency room.

The hospital does not provide any behavioral health services. You are assigned the task

of gathering information for your supervisor that would help develop a plan to place the

mentally ill in appropriate care. In your report to your supervisor, include your responses

to the following:

o What is the definition of mental illness? Can mental illness be as clearly defined as a

physical illness such as diabetes? Can mental illness be cured?

o Has the concept of deinstitutionalization been effective in providing needed services

to the mentally ill? Why or why not?

o What populations or groups were most adversely affected by deinstitutionalization?

What are the benefits of deinstitutionalization?

o Are health care professionals who provide mental health care integrated with other

systems of care? What are the consequences of separating mental health from

physical health care? What other services (social and health) might be needed by the

mentally ill?

o What are three governmental sources that pay for mental health care? What

populations are covered by these sources?

o What are some of the challenges to using a managed care approach in mental health

care? How does a managed care model of mental health care reduce health care


o How would you ensure the mentally ill are placed into the appropriate care facility?

o Be sure to cite any sources you searched used while answering the questions in this

case study in APA format.

• Post your paper as a Microsoft© Word attachment.

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